Here’s out to Opt Out of Cal Medi-Connect

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20 comments on “Opt Out of Cal Medi Connect?

    • Did you check the income chart? Two people would be $100K

      Please use our quote engine cited above.

      What Special Enrollment Reason will we use?

      There is a Special Enrollment for those who don’t have coverage due to COVID 19. We might be able to do that.

      It’s my understanding only Covered CA has the Special Enrollment for COVID 19. I can double check.

      Our webpage on Insurance and COVID 19.

      Our webpage for Health Net PPO & HMO Individual

      Our webpage on dual coverage.

      • Yes income is much higher than that so I’m sure we won’t qualify for subsidies.

        When I enter our ZIP code on covered CA the health net plan doesn’t show up. So I believe I’ll have to buy it outside covered CA.

        Does special enrollment apply to health net plan purchased directly through them as well?

        • Please use OUR quote engine, so that we can follow what you are doing. Also, we only get compensated if you purchase through our affiliate link, no extra charge.

          We do not accept hearsay. We need to see the exact stuff!

          Covered CA not Health Net pay us for our second to none website. Nor for the time it saves their personnel on the phone.

          Here’s a list of plans that Health Net writes by county. Santa Clara shows up for PPO.

          Here’s our online enrollment link and quoter for Health Net.

          Yes, since everything under ACA/Health Care Reform/Obamacare is guaranteed issue, no pre-x, you can only buy at Open or Special Enrollment. Not when you get diagnosed with cancer and have MAJOR bills ahead!

          If you can get Medi-Cal to disenroll you, that would be a special enrollment for loss of coverage.

          Here’s an excerpt of Health Net’s bulletin about the COVID 19 special enrollment

          Here’s what you need to know about the SEP:
          • Any uninsured individual or family can use this SEP to apply for 2020 health coverage.
          • This SEP is for new enrollment only and not available for plan changes.
          • To enroll in one of our off-exchange plans, go to Proof of a qualifying event is not needed to enroll under this SEP. You may also use the existing 2020 IFP enrollment forms to apply by mail.
          • Effective dates of coverage are:
          Enroll by Effective date
          May 31 June 1, 2020
          June 30 July 1, 2020

          • After June 30, 2020, the regular special enrollment period qualifying events apply.
          • First month’s premium payment is required to activate coverage.
          • The impact of COVID-19 on small businesses may be causing some people to lose employer based health coverage. Individuals can use this SEP to enroll with Health Net to regain health coverage.

          • So, it looks like, if you take your Mom as a dependent, Medi-Cal will kick you out.

            Then you would have a special enrollment period for loss of coverage.

  1. Stanford Medical told me I would have to drop my Medi-Cal to get their full financial assistance (charity care)?

    I was told that I could not come to Stanford for any health care if I was a Medi-Cal recipient……… because then Stanford would be commiting FRAUD. I was told I would have to ‘quit’ my Medi-Cal or get the permission from Kaiser (who I have for my Medical-Cal) to see a ‘out of network’ surgeon…….

    How do I opt out of Medi-Cal?

    If I quit or gave up my Medi-cal , will I be able to reinstate it or reapply when I am ready…assuming I still qualify/?

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