Cal Medi Connect program

Medi Medi – Medi care & Medi-Cal Plan (MMP – Dual Eligible)

Must you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan & Medi-Cal HMO or one will be chosen for them?

Option A Medicare & Medi-Cal in ONE plan (Los Angeles Options)

Option B Keep Medicare (Get an Advantage Plan) and get a Medi-Cal Plan (Los Angeles) Cal Cedars Sinai

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Cedars Sinai
Cedars Sinai – Plan Section Tool & Info
Online Enrollment & Quotes for Cal Medi Connect
Online Enrollment & Quotes for Medi Medi MAPD Plans


Cal Medi Connect Toons

explains the enrollment process, options, and resources available for people who qualify for Cal MediConnect, a new health plan choice for Californians who have both Medicare and Medi-Cal

More Video’s on Cal Medi Connect

Cal Medi Connect Los Angeles
Cal Medi Connect
Non MAGI Medi-Cal

Transition to Medi-Cal Managed Health Plans


January 2014 overview of both Cal MediConnect and Medi-Cal Managed Long Term Services and Supports, highlighting what the changes are, when to expect them, and how to make a decision.

Cal * Guidebook * Their email address [email protected]

Our website on Medicare Advantage Plans

Cedars Sinai Tool & Information – How to OPT OUT! Also applies EVEN if you don’t use their facilities! Technical Page on Cal Medi-Connect Demonstration

Health Care Options 844.580.7272 – State Enrollment Broker – Enroll & Dis-enroll

HICAP – CA Health Care Advocates – 1-800-434-0222

See our Medi Cal Page

Medi-Cal Providers

Provider List by County

Los Angeles Times 2.1.2015 Problems with shifting care for costly patients

DHCS.Gov Medi-Cal Managed Care

ca health (Medi-Cal)

LIS – Low Income Subsidy
(Medicare Part D Rx – Help with Drug Costs)

Doctor’s can’t bill Medi Medi patients for Co Pays, Deductibles, etc. on Blue Cross SNP & Dual Eligibility with Medi-Cal

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Justice in Aging duals demo

Instant Travel Quotes

Instant Travel Quotes

Other pages in Medicare Advantage Section

Additional Social Services – in addition to Medi-Cal

Medi-Cal Estate Recovery

Blue Cross Medi Medi – Co Ordination Plan

Technical Links

SB 1008 and SB 1036

CMS Reporting Requirements and other technical stuff

Dual Eligible Performance Studies – Inovalon

Needs assessment checklist

Problems with Medi-Medi – unwitting Guinea Pigs real clear

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