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Online Enrollment & Quotes for Cal Medi Connect
Online Enrollment & Quotes for Medi Medi MAPD Plans

explains the enrollment process, options, and resources available for people who qualify for Cal MediConnect, a new health plan choice for Californians who have both Medicare and Medi-Cal More Video's on Cal Medi Connect  


Cal Medi Connect program

Medi Medi – Medi care & Medi-Cal Plan (MMP – Dual Eligible)

Must you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan & Medi-Cal HMO or one will be chosen for them?

Option A Medicare & Medi-Cal in ONE plan (Los Angeles Options)

Option B Keep Medicare (Get an Advantage Plan) and get a Medi-Cal Plan (Los Angeles) Cal Cedars Sinai

Consumer Links

Get FREE Quotes & Enroll in Medicare Advantage – Note we get a finders fee, but are NOT your agent.

Some Cal Medi Medicare MMP Default Plans:

Health Net Blue Cross

Cedars Sinai Tool & Information – How to OPT OUT! Also applies EVEN if you don’t use their facilities! Technical Page on Cal Medi-Connect Demonstration

Health Care Options 844.580.7272 – State Enrollment Broker – Enroll & Dis-enroll

HICAP – CA Health Care Advocates – 1-800-434-0222

See our Medi Cal Page

Medi-Cal Providers

Provider List by County

Los Angeles Times 2.1.2015 Problems with shifting care for costly patients

DHCS.Gov Medi-Cal Managed Care

ca health (Medi-Cal)

LIS – Low Income Subsidy (Medicare Part D Rx – Help with Drug Costs)

Doctor’s can’t bill Medi Medi patients for Co Pays, Deductibles, etc. on Blue Cross SNP & Dual Eligibility with Medi-Cal

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Justice in Aging duals demo

Instant Travel Quotes

Instant Travel Quotes



  Cal Medi Connect Toons


Western Poverty Law Center 
Guide to coverage for Low Income Californian's 


Transition to Medi-Cal Managed Health Plans


2 comments on “Cal Medi Connect – Medi-Cal & Low Income Programs

  1. Do you have to have a certain illness or chronic illness to be eligible for medi medi or can anybody get it?

    I have coverage from Medi-cal cal optima but some of my friends that are also on SSI get medi medi

    why is that so?

    and is it better or different from just cal optima Medi-cal?

    • I’m not qualified to answer your question. I’m not an authorized employee of Medi Cal, nor do I get compensated to help Medi Cal beneficiaries or any expenses of this website.

      Here’s what I did find for you:

      Better. Together.
      Our mission is to provide members with access to quality health care services delivered in a cost-effective and compassionate manner..

      CalOptima is a county organized health system that administers health insurance programs for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities in Orange County.

      As Orange County’s largest health insurer, we provide coverage through four major programs.

      Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid Program) for low-income children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities

      OneCare (HMO SNP) (a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan) for low-income seniors and people with disabilities who qualify for both Medicare and Medi-Cal (Medi Medi)

      PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) for older adults, providing comprehensive health services through the CalOptima PACE center

      OneCare Connect Cal MediConnect Plan (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medi-Cal, combining Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits, adding supplemental benefits for vision, transportation and dental services, and providing comprehensive care coordination

      “Better. Together.” is our motto, but it’s also our philosophy. We believe that by working together, we can make things better – for our members and community.

      If you have questions or would like information about CalOptima, please contact us at:


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