All Inclusive Care For The Elderly (PACE)

Find answers to question you may have on a specific question, situation, on an individual, and on a specific program. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, contact the program from the Department of Health Care Services program contact list.

  1. What Do You Mean By PACE?
  2. How Do People Qualify For PACE?
  3. Are Prescription Drugs Covered?
  4. Are People Who Do Not Qualify For Medicaid Eligible For PACE Enrollment?
  5. If I Belong To A Medicare HMO, Can I Also Enroll In PACE For Long-Term Care Services?
  6. Can I Keep My Own Doctor?
  7. How Do People Get To The Day Health Center?
  8. Can I Just Use A Specific Service Such As Home Care, Transportation Or The Day Health Center?
  9. Do PACE Participants Attend The Day Health Center Every Day?
  10. What Happens If A PACE Participant Needs Nursing Home Care?
  11. If I Want To Join A PACE Plan, What Do I Do Next?
  12. What Happens If A Person Wants To Leave PACE?

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